Saturday, November 24, 2007

Italian flavor, malt flavor, who moved my olive oil?

Pinarello Paris 2007 with full Campy Record/Eurus hoops. I really enjoyed this build. The customer, road riding guru in his 50's had a few simple requirements...carbon, sub-16lbs, and custom fitted. Enough said, there we go. I had some good conversation with the gent and took measurements of his body and created what I believe the best bike that I have ever test ridden. No if I could only get with with a 59cm top tube...
Black Weekend is over and while people were still lined up out the door and into the parking lot at the Lancaster Circuit City, waiting to get inside, we had a pretty steady Black Friday in the shop. Clothing is going better this year than past seasons. All the radio advertising must be helping.
I have to hand it to Swobo for this one. Bottle opener under the seat. Nice. That goes well with my Salomon SPX Pro snowboard bindings that has an instep buckle that dubs as an opener too.
I am going to try and make an effort to post a few times a week. My StatCounter hit 160 in a matter of last week. Thanks everyone!

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