Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Black Friday, Black TV screen, Black pants

Black Friday is coming fast and eyebrows are raising everywhere in the shop. Will it be busy? Will it be dead b/c everyone packs into their mini-slams are shuffles around the mall looking for the perfect gift? While you're there grab me an XBOX 360. Well I almost did on Sunday.
My faithful Samsung 32 in DynaFlat took a DynaDump. Stopped powering up. The downer was that I would need to buy a new one. I have little faith in TV repairs. Bike repairs, sure. But home electronics are perseived my moi as becoming out of date quickly and costly to repair. Not to mention that the TV weighs 200lbs. My wife, mom and I lifted it off the stand and onto my ole sk8board, dollied it out of the room and into the garage for now.
There she is in a smaller version. Actually I opted for the 42". It's 1080p and LCD crystal clear. No plasma tv here, forget the opportunity for burn in an LCD. Halo 3 and Spinervals would look pretty cool on it. Dear Santa...
Custom Builds. Here are a few bikes for your tasting with a short story to accompany each unit.
This Cyfac was a beautiful rig. I built it back in 2005. Full Campy Record. Those Trager hoops are training wheels.
Nice tail end too. The tubes flow nice and just enough paint to cover the carbon and provide a "not be too AirBus looking" feel. Light and stiff.
Speaking of carbon, Stronglight Pulson crank. Keeping with the French theme of the bike I suppose. The chainrings have a super smooth coating and stout, responsive pick up pins for quarter crank rotation up shifts. ISIS back then and for the better. External bearings have to go...Mega Exo Mega X-No. Except the Ultra Torque from Fulcrum/Campagnolo.

Get your fixed freak flag out.
I have 2 colleges near the shop. York College of Pennsylvania and Penn State York. Both itching with kids that know what's up with getting a good fixie underneath them. This Giant, a guy brought in as a multi-speed bike that his dad gave him. Make it a fixed hear please, he says. With a simple Sun Rim with a flip flop hub hub, track cog 16t. I took his big ring off, flipped the small ring to the outside, install bmx/track bolts on the spider, (spider-old bmx head in my being exposed, ha!) with a single speed chain, Bam! Don't forget a bar flip/chop complete with Bianchi Celeste bar tape/single front brake. I love steel horizontal drop out frames.
Business in the rear. Bolt axle at it's best. For the money this Sun M13 is double walled and reinforced eyelets. Formula Hub with cartridge bearings included in the build.
Colnago Decor. Beautiful lugs with only a small spot of bike cancer at one of the joints. This guy wanted to maintain the ability of using brakes and run single speed/freewheel. I LOVE Colnago's steel frames. Say what you may about authentic bikes and where they are being made, Colnago, Pinarello, Masi and Bianchi has some SEXY bikes.

Winter is coming and guys are ditching the gears. Last weekend's Cranksgiving official launched open season on fixies. Denise, Tone's wife posted a spot on the York Cranksgiving. I'm on the left half of the screen with the folded map in my mouth, dressed in black trying to push off on the 47x16t set up. I had to laugh the morning after that event. My wife made the comment that I slept still and didn't steal the covers as usual. Ya that type of gearing will do that, good sleep.

Speaking of, I'm off for some zzz's myself. Have a great Turkey Day.

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