Friday, September 21, 2007

Landis ruling, bike schooling.

Landis ruling...WTF. He is still innocent. 8 minute gap seemed unbelievable last year on stage 17? Can you say he went with the breakaway? Ah!
Tour de Pink is closing and I'm getting anxious to get the miles rolling. We were going to be on the Early Morning Show on CBS but they 'canceled' suddenly. I would gather the new management has a beef against the YSC. Just my guess. We are now going to be on the Fox morning show. That's cool either way.

My riding partner Cinco came to me for a new ride for the Tour de Pink. So I broke out my utensils and started measuring and made a couple of phone calls. I am super proud of him. He has lost 25 lbs since last years TdP and has become a stronger climber. Back to the bike. Mmmmm. 2004 Pinarello Opera
Tim is a bike geek to some degree. The 2005 Masi Gran Crit has been a wicked bike for him and probably the quickest one at that. Now for the distance...'he's going the distance, he' s going for speed, he's all alone, all alone in a time of need...'--Cake
Sorry there. Steel has been his long lust for long rides. Good ol' steel. Not something that you thump you fingernail on and sounds like Happy Meal plastic. So I started my research. I had previously owned a 2005 Masi Speciale Carbon. Broke it, don't ask, really don't. Dedacciai 16.5 steel on the Opera like the Masi only the Pinarello has carbon fiber only at the brake stay. The Masi had brake and chainstay being carbon. Slight weight difference but should be compliant none the less.
Components, talking Cinco into Campy wasn't hard. Considering I never shut up about it when specing bikes...we are garnishing the Opera with full Campagnolo Centaur, Chorus carbon Ergos, 172.5 Ultra Torque Compact crank (save those knees) and silver Campy Sirocco hoops for durability. Again, not building a race rig, just the perfect bike for Cinco's long rides. Interesting side note, Campagnolo is offering the Centaur crank in a carbon option, heck ya! Hopefully the parts will all be here next week and I can finalize Cinco's fit on the bike Tuesday night. More pix to follow.
Friday evening and my brain is fried totally from trying to get the the snowboard displays done and write bike orders for next year. Any suggestions on self cloning? For the most part I am excited to get my hands on next year's bike gear. I am penning an order for some Merckx whips so that should be tasty to see come springtime.
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