Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Colin McRae - we'll miss you.

The motorsports world has lost one of it's best, Colin McRae yesterday. He and his son died in a helicopter crash which Colin was piloting.

I have been a huge WRC fan for years. Rally racing ranks right up there with hugs from my kids, pure bliss! Seeing video footage years ago (1996?)of McRae piloting the first gen 555 Imprezas wide open got me hooked on rally racing. His on the limit driving style was truly the test bed for durability of the vehicles he drove. After his tenure with Subaru he moved onto Ford where he didn't quite have the victories of the previous team but still took stages like Monte Carlo which proved to be the roughest in regards to tarmac conditions, rain, snow.

A rally game for the Playstation was also licensed too.

His post WRC career brought him full circle with Rally hotshot Travis Pastrana. Together they raced the famed X-Games stage where Colin rolled gold STi and over onto its wheels, still driving it across the finish line. The stadium erupted in applause.

We'll miss you and you WFO style. Best of spirits to his surviving wife and daughter.

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Jen said...

Sad news, Will. Thanks for posting. Two postings in a row that makes me realize how precious life is....go hug those babies.