Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Made in China.

I despise the fact that more and more of our products sold in America are coming out of China.
Damnit! Some of the top five bike brands earlier in the year got slapped on the wrist for grips, bar tape, etc containing trace amounts of lead in them. Point being is that PVC base materials may contain lead in the manufacturing of the product. Celsius Snowboard Boots wised up and ditched the PVC outers on their boots as well as Northwave Snowboard boots. Good going guys.

Especially the outdoor sports industry. Everything is either made of some poly_rubber_plastic material that is so knarly dangerous when being manufactured that it's all being made in China b/c their EPA is No Way. They don't care if factories are belting out nasty fumes, mishandling of chemicals and mucking up the environment. The USA is so hell bend on being Pro-American but yet they all drive to the nearest Wal-Mart for easy shopping at a place the is filled to the brim with products out of China<
action is being taken. Ugh! Support your local bike shop not the big box chain stores!


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