Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Gas sucks, ride a Masi.

Alright, now that seat above made it for about one ride and that was it. Even with a good pair of Santini bibs my sit bones got irritated fast. Aside from looking fast and progressive, I'll stick with the Fizik Arione that came on the Gran Crit.
So I start my summer off by commuting into work in the Masi and I am instantly reminded of why this bikes rocks. Aside from the teeth to gums fit of the bike and orange paint job, it's just damn fast! But seriously I lost count of the number of SUV driving, cell phone blabbing women drivers that proceeded to cut me off during the course of my commute. I don't nearly see the amount of guys on the phone. Seriously ladies what gives. You already have a wrap for driving characteristics but could you at least try a bluetooth headset? Your 2.3 kids you drive around all day are sucked into their dvd systems in the backseat anyway...at least you'll have an extra arm avail to throw a new episode of Dora on for Morgan, Hanna, Hailey, Madison or Dakota....end bitter rant here.
The one day I should have commuted and didn't, Monday, the day before my birthday. I was at the end of the exit ramp, at the stop sign waiting to safely pull out on Queen St, as soon as it was clear and started to turn my head forward and let off the brake pedal, WHAM! Rear ended by an SUV. The second time, same spot within 12 months. Hell my insurance agent asked why I wasn't riding in? Hind sight. We pull over and I do my best to keep from exploding at this lady, look down into the passenger seat and there sits what I would guess a 55 pound 5 year girl, in the front passenger seat, no seat belt or booster seat; in a 1996 Rodeo...air bag equipped vehicle. I'm just about sick at the sight of it. She looks terrified but unharmed, had the SUV been going 5 miles an hour faster the mom would probably be unfolding her daughter's torso from around the headrest, peeling back the airbags frantically. 1700 bux damage on the Subie, phuk! Neck muscles are tight today straight down both sides to my uppper chest. Happy Birthday to me!
On a happier note Brent and I are going to see a killer 80's concert line up tomorrow at Pier Six Pavilion in Baltimore. The Fixx, The Psyc Furs and the Alarm, ya!

Hugh and I saw the Bouncing Souls a couple of weeks ago at the Chameleon Club, not too bad. ....we are the true believers....
Have a good 4th of July!


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