Friday, May 11, 2007

Bike swag and things that go jump on the road.

Mmm, free bike parts. Tioga had their new Spyder available to dealers through a web login out of a trade journal. Given the opportunity to cash in I jumped at it.

I don't want to judge a book or saddle that is by its cover or lack there of, I'll through it on one of the road bikes for the real testament.

I signed up for the Tour de Pink 2007. This year they are running it in reverse; Hershey to NYC. The expected cyclists for the event is doubled already. Please show me some love with a donation. Thanks!

Bianchi 928L Carbon Chorus. I have been riding one for the good part of spring. Last summer was the Masi Gran Crit; which I still have. Just to see what all the hype is about with carbon I decided to put this Italian rig against the Masi.

Mechanically the Bianchi has a killer parts spec...'07 Campy Chorus with Zonda hoops. Keep in mind that this bike retails for 2 grand more than the Masi did 2 years ago which I did put Ultegra 660 wheels on and different bar/stem combo.

After the opening rides on the Bianchi, I hate to say it but this frame is a noodle for carbon. Maybe it's because I'm on a 63cm frame? The Masi is 60cm compact geometry with Deda EM2 alum/Deda Carbon Black Box 2 rear. When riding with the hands off the bars at 20mph there is a shuttering from the front. In fact there is a lot of shuttering a wiggling from the Bianchi. With no crosswinds and in fast sweeping turns there is an uneasy shuttering from the front. And back to the sans hands thing, trying to correct the bar's tracking with your butt, forget it. There is an odd disconnection from the rear to the front of the bike. The last thing is that the bike hasn't any jump. It seems to spool up slowly where as the Masi goes like a raped ape.

Would I pay 47oo for the 928? No. I would however take the components off the Bianchi and put them on the '05 Masi Gran Crit, ha! Maybe things would be different if I was shorter and on a 55? Or a compact 60cm? The top tube is shorter by 10mm on the Bianchi so...



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