Thursday, January 25, 2007

Snow! And New Year's Ressy?

It's the end of January and the temps are finally feeling like winter. The ski industry is shaking like a puppy dog shitty razor blades and I don't pitty the manu execs in accounts payables, whoa!

Sunday the shop crew and I are heading to Vermont to rip it up a bit on the new woods for next season. Pix and details to follow. The following actions may take place: Road trip in a Subaru, packed powder, park slidin', beer drinking, dancing(we're the only shop do said act at the Volkl Party-Stratton.) and more drinking.

As far as New Year's resolutions are concerned I have never really been one to come up with some huge life changing request. My wife has been doing Weight Watchers since Nov 06 and joined the local health club this January. They have a huge children's area/playground fixture that makes those super McDonalds playgrounds look like a cheap Erector Set. I haven't been much of a health club fan as I worked in various ones for 2 years for an outfit maintaining fitness equipment. To satisfy my wifes need for 'family/relationship' time I agreed to be a member.

The club is nice. Don't get me wrong and they have a face to face meeting session where they work with you on your goals. Goals, hmmm. Guess I need to come up with some. Goals...I did get more riding on the bike last year so I am going to have to go with the be stronger and more fit on the bike. Bam! Done. Side note, my new bike for 2007 doesn't come with a compact on the front which I so desperatly love, it's a 53/39 instead. I am banking too that the full carbon and carbon Chorus/2 lbs lighter than my Gran Crit, will help to reduce that mechanical Huh?

I have my first face to face with Jodi, a perky, large hair woman with tons of questions. She has me do a seated stretch test, measured my biceps or lack of (I ride with my legs not my arms, right?), my waist and discussed what I want out of their program. She then asks if I have had any much time do you have? I reply. We decided that martial arts isn't an option anymore and cardio and strength training is in order for me.

I bought a new pair of running shoes for my first session, stretch like 10min and did some running on the treadmill and leg weights for another half hour. Just to back things up with the weights, I called my buddy Russ that does some bike coaching and races Cat 1 for Monstr Health Care/Token. Yes there isn't an 'e' in Monster. Russ's suggestion will give me an idea of where I need to go to stay on track regarding bike oriented weight training. Thanks Russ!


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Jen said...

Sounds like you will meet the goals that you set! Kudos to you both!