Thursday, December 28, 2006

Drink, swallow but never spit in the wind.

Walter Tango Foxtrot. It's the end of December and in the 50's with sunshine. Whoa! The local snow is gone, resorts closed until the weather can get it's shiat together or the jetstream can stretch it's legs down to the Carolinas... Nice weather like this is requiring some bike riding.

A couple of Sundays we went mtbing at Rocky Ridge. Me, Josh, Cinco and Nic. It was the weekend before Christmas and at 10am about 20 other riders decided it was a good idea to go ride as well. Nice. Josh was on the Kona 29r, I dug out the ole' Voodoo hardtail and Cinco was rocking the Santa Cruz Chameleon. Nic was testing the new Kona Dawg Primo. The weather was sunny and about 40 deg when we left the lot at 10am.

I enjoy getting back on the Voodoo when I can. Even though I rode an all mountain 6in travel bike all summer, a hardtail feels like a precision road bike. Not as much traction in the dirt as the Slayer but can be wiped around more. Climbing is soooo much faster too. Not that we were burning up the climbs, this was a fun ride but apparently, feeling under the weather, Nic had several 'protein' spills long the trail. He packed it up early and headed back to the car. Poor guy.

The Ridge is a nice place to get in a quick ride. Small on acreage but big on technical features. Josh liked the 29r on his first ride. Following him seemed like the bike was really flowing along the trails, super smooth. Not the Josh usually isn't a smooth rider but he has spent the summer riding/racing a Jamis Dakar Expert. As I expected he claimed that the 29r while being a hardtail, felt as though there was an 1 inch of rear forgiveness. The larger wheel makes for a better approach angle when riding over anything that isn't flat to the ground. The bike also weights 2 lbs less than the Jamis and that makes for better handling too.

Good ride with good friends. We packed it up and headed back to the shop to work.

There are somethings in life that exist and I'll never really 100% believe of their existence until I experience it face to face or at least man to man. More below...

One year I was on a job sight and while repairing a treadmill in a Gold's Gym, overheard a conversation between 2 women as they walked on the treadmill. S.U.Vs are popular, that's not a surprise. Hearing talk radio hosts slam women or men that drive them because they are bigger than the next vehicle on the road regarding personal safety is no surprise either. The one woman confessed to the other during their work out that she drives one because it's safer and bigger than other cars on the road if in an accident. Whoa, seriously, I was floored. I had heard that owners like that exist but had never met one. Hmmm. I am always intrigued when I can learn what makes people buy what they buy or do what they do for that matter.

I would like to see an OLN 2 or VS2 to cover sports outside of Nascar and fishing. Really guys, bass in the undercover is where it's at? More people ride a bike than cast a rod, maybe I'm wrong. SPEED2 to cover more tuner shows, home garage improvement shows and WRC. WRC has been off the channels for years. American cycling races like the Tour de Utah, California, Georgia are great in that American cycling needs more growth. Gotta hand it to Cannondale for it's support with the national race scene. Masi Bicycles and Team Inferno ride like they're on fire (sorry, bad pun)west of here. On a regional growth, cycling is growing to some degree, gaining momentum but never regressing. Doping scandals may slow acceptance and faith down a bit but never stop it.

Man I got get a ride in or I'll melt down...after my cold ends...


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Andrew said...

Will, I was looking for demo pics and decided to read your latest post and comment on it. I agree with most of your points about the tour affecting Trek sales, and OLN and SPEED. As an avid NASCAR fan, even I wish they'd diversify their programming into different races and lay off the midweek NASCAR a little. However, as with the tour and Treks, in America, the free market rules. Unfortunately , SPEED tried their hand at WRC; it didn't work. And also unfortunate, only the mass producing bike manufacturers like trek can afford to sponsor Lance.

I think that the implications of the free market is that we should push grassroots movements that much harder. You should try to convince potential trek buyers to a higher quality (less known) brand. I try to tell nascar fans about other venues and circuits. The onus is on us.

And when you overhear someone talking about the safety of an SUV, I always say "You're right, SUV's are safer in a crash, but, they are in almost 5 times as many single vehicle crashes than cars...chew on that."

Just my .02, looking forward to the demo pics!