Sunday, November 05, 2006

Swap weekend closure, who lost my voice?

How can you deny the power of advertising. I whipped up something to be posted in the local rag the end of last week. This past weekend was our annual November ski/snowboard sale-swap. The ad was absolute MURDER for us. The shop slammed a 30% increase in generated revenue over last year's November swap. In the ski shop and downstairs in the snowboard shop there was a constand flow to the register. I have hired what I can honestly say is the best damn sales force the board shop has had to date. No one was going away empty handed and my leftover gear was moving, nice! Good work all!

My voice returned a tad for this big sales weekend. Now I sound less like a smoker and more like a sinus sufferer. It's getting late. Gotta go do a shot of cold medicine.





JLN said...

Congrats to the shop's success.

DBF said...

Chum the waters with the right bait and the boat is full in no time. Your timing is always good.
Bravo Zulu! And a bountiful winter too.