Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Hallows Eve

Break out the Samhain vinyl and don the devillock, it's Halloween. Didn't the Druids originally celebrate it by putting a pumpkin out to represent every child in the house that was sacrificed for ritual? And call it the festival of Samhain? Hmm. None here brother. Here is a spider that was hangin' outside my front door. I am not creeped out by them but damn this one was so big that you needed a wiffleball bat to kill him. And you better not miss or you'll piss the spider off and he'll discrace you with your own bat!

This one is around 3 inches of a footprint. My wife ended up unleashing a can of spider spray. I was going to let him be. Man the bugs in Pa. are healthy...


Nabbed two tix to see Live at the Sonar Club. I have seen Social D and Rollins there. One of the best spots to go see a band. Word.


Snowboards are selling like Candy in my shop. Caught wind last Friday from my DHL driver as she dropped off a shipment of bindings, the board shops ex-manager didn't have the dollars on his C.O.D shipment that was being dropped off so she started taking it back to the van. He proceded to derate her and threaten to hit her. He opened a shop 1/4 mile from mine, real smart right? Dude, take your bipolar meds and lay off the horse...

We are having a swap sale weekend and my voice is gone. Not really gone but went from sounding like me to a geriatric bullfrog. Such is life when you have 2 kids in daycare. Gotta rest my cords for the powersales this weekend.




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