Monday, September 04, 2006

Ride away!

Ride now, ride often, repeat if necessary. The miles aren't going by any faster, really? The new Masi is running great, my knees on the other hand are something else. Maybe I can find a pair on EBAY? Ha!

My wife and I went out for an hour/ten minute loop. I love riding with her as road cycling is a sport that can be intimidating to newbies. She did well at her own pace mountain biking but terrain difficulty held her progression back. Road riding on the other hand is faster, smoother and once you get the miles under you with a handle on traffic; it becomes the addiction it should be. Being a mother of 2 and good wife doesn't leave a lot of time to do for yourself. Road riding is a do for yourself activity. I have her stoked on her bike and wearing bib shorts, nuff said. Thanks babe!

A couple of weeks back, maybe in the month of August...the shop crew got over to lancaster for the Covered Bridge Metric Century. The best part was the guys and gals received our shop jerseys 2 days before. Talk about cutting it close. I can't say enough about the smiles that work for me. They are great with customers, will talk with anyone on the bike, despite economic classification...roadies can be snobs at sometimes...


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JLN said...

Nice words both for your wife and your co-workers....You bring out the best in people.