Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Masi, a guitarist and 40 miles.

Good things happen to good people I suppose. I get a phone call Friday from an individual stating that his is in town with the Charlie Daniels Band for the weekend and wanted to meet up with the locals for a group road ride. With out getting insulting inquiring about his riding ability I cue him in on the Sunday ride out of Indian Rock Dam Elementary School. Sunday 9am be there.

0845 Sunday morning I receive a call on my cell from our CDB roadie checking if we are still coming as he is already at the loc-cal. 15 minutes and we'll see you I reply. Josh, Mr. Icon, Jason and I roll on over from Mr. Icon's house that is one mile from the school; and meet our new attendee. Bruce Brown is the name. He gives me a firm handshake during our introduction and as I pull away I look down at his bike and BAM! It is a Masi! Nice. All the way from Nashville, TN. 2003 Speciale with a sexy Reynolds 853 tubset. Now they use 631 but that's another story. Immediately I kick into bike geek mode. To prevent that all too common foot into mouth syndrome, I ask him what's his roll with the band. Guitarist since 1989 he states. Cool.

As you can see I have the leg length that super models would kill for and make bike fitters wimper...Ha! Bruce and I upon our Masi' before the ride.

We get the ride underway and as the miles roll on we talk about music, guitars and bikes. Bruce walked into the local bike shop in TN to upgrade his bike from a rail trail comfort bike to something faster. He tells the shop guy at the counter that he wants a comfortable riding bike. The dude turns to his employes and says, Boys, what's the most comfortable riding bike? They all reply in unison, STEEL! Helz ya! Bruce's miles rolled on with his new bike and decided to switch to compact gearing for better hill devouring...

The weather is low 80s, blue bird skies and the group is having a good vibe that morning. 2/3 of the way through the ride Bruce asks me what I am doing that night. Nothing man. 'How would you like to see the show?' he asked. 'Sure, I'd love it!' I spat out. 'I'll hook you up with some tix for you and your wives tonight.' Bruce offers. I am loving life right now. We finish the ride up. Mr. Icon and Josh ride Bruce back up to the Fairgrounds were his tour bus is staying and Mr. Brown calls me a few hours later with that night's details.

At the ticket window are concert tix for up front seating and backstage passes to meet Charlie Daniels and hang with the band. Sweet! We roll in and find Bruce. At the meet and greet tent we chat some more about cycling, touring with the band and local cycling in York and in Nashville. Apparently there are more women that show up on the group rides than here. And they kick ass too stated Bruce.

CDB puts on a great show. Solid harmonies both vocally and instrumentally. Thanks Bruce and Mr. Daniels.


The Lancaster New Era wants to a bit on me for the Tour de Pink breast cancer ride. One phone interview and a photo shoot at the local park this coming Tuesday. What to wear...they want me and the Masi with my kit on. Hope it's a B/W photo as the Liquigas bibs don't quite match my shop jersey. They do if I am 50 yards in front of you. A local Millersville admin worker is sitting with me for the photo too. She is riding in the event so it will be cool to meet other riders.


And now for something completely different:

The news locally is sad to the point that I can't stand watching it. Marylin Manson is far from my idol but nailed it on the head during his bit in the 'Bowling for Columbine' flick by saying, 'Fear equals consumption'... I get the shits of listing to the local rock radio stations. Advertising is out of control. If I was plopped on the earth today with no recolection of history, past or present, I'd say that the county that I work in or at least the listening area for the radion station is like this... I need super low car payments, a cell phone plan that allows my intraverted arse to feel like someone important by dialing people from the comfort of my 16 mpg SUV and the labido needs to be jumped started like a monkey humping a football. I need satellite radio or to start burning more MP3 mix cds.


Can't wait to hit Interbike next week. My Bianchi rep stopped by the shop on Wednesday with a new 928 C2C Ultegra. Holly crap that bike is sexy. You'd have to be some labodimize Trek fan not to fall in love with it. Full carbon, Ultegra kit and 18lbs for 2700 dollars.





JLN said...

Wow! The whole Bruce and CDB story sounds like something outta a movie! I am glad that you enjoyed the show and the ride.

I agree about the radio, I listen to my IPod more and more (when the damn thing is working!).

Make sure you BLOG the newspaper article! So exciting!

George said...

Sounds like you're havin' a good week.

You gotta get into podcasts, I stopped listening to radio a long time ago.