Thursday, August 10, 2006

Broken heart, broken bike and who moved my seat?

I have to say that this summer has been full of high points and low points. Let's get out the worst first.

1.) The Landis doping bust.

Living in his home county of Lancaster, Pa I can say that this county is still backing the guy. The riders in Philly have lost the love for him. 'Hang him high' is on their lips. I still don't want to believe its true and until Floyd posts a written confession on his website, I say he is clean. Synthetic or not, he has some odd going on inside of him. I don't think he is that dumb to piss away one event and run clean all year. Floyd has the ability to spool it up to an almost sprinter's wattage, maybe his guts manufacture some tough shit...I don't know.

How do you keep riders clean through constant testing. It's not like auto racing were you tear down the block and see if the car is using the same intake restrictor as the rest. Oh, I've got it! Blood transfusions before every race with monitored fuel intake for every cyclist. Damn this is bastardizing world cycling, isn't it?

2.) Broken bike.

I had family up from North Carolina a couple of weeks ago. The kids were at the grandparents and my wife was at work. I run to the shop to grab a folder to get some work done at home. Grab the Masi Speciale Carbon and throw it on the roof. You may be wondering whey the Masi was at work and not in my garage. Well it goes a little something like this. Wednesday was itching to commute to work. I am trying to get in the miles for a ride that I am doing in October from NYC to Hershey Park, Pa. 220 plus on the bike. Anywho, Wed morning I drop my daughter and son off at school; running behind schedule I need to decide the fastest means of cycling transpo for that moment. Definitly the Masi as the Bianchi Castro Valley is 20 minutes slower getting there! It's a pig bike and you can't be in a hurry on it. Soooo, 'WHEN YOU HAD TO BE THERE YESTERDAY, MAKE IT A MASI DAY!' How's that for a commercial Mr. Jackson? Haha! Got to work and 20 minutes before leaving the sky opened up and like a cow pissing on a flat rock, it started raining. My family comes and picks me up and I leave the Masi there. Thurs I grab it and conviently forget it's on the roof of the Subaru. Hot day, figured I'd pull into the garage.....SNAP! CRUNCH! Like the sound of some fat ass sitting on a bag of Doritos that were left on the couch combined with an 8 inch dagger being plunged into the top of your thigh during a car jacking. That's instantly how it and I felt. I backed up, looked at the carnage, took it down and hung it off the work table. They say grown men shouldn't cry but I was damn near it.

I pitched the idea to Masiguy about them doing a folding bike to go after the Dahon market...I somehow don't thing it's going to happen.

From the ashes shall rise a blazing phoenix. Or should I say a blazing copper Masi Gran Criterium bike. I salvaged the parts off the Speciale Carbon, threw out the old bar and stem. Which the bars came as 46cm so I mounted a set of 44 cm, what I actually measure out to be, and the same length stem. Silver seat so I am rocking some astronaut silver bar tape, new Ultegra 600 hoops and gray Conti 4000 that my Masi rep hooked me up with last year. Sans pedals and computer hardware/cages the bikes tips in at just under 18 lbs for a 60cm compact frame. That 2 lbs lighter from the last Masi. Love it! New pix to follow. I should get the rest of the fit dialed by the weekend.

3.) Who moved my seat.

Note to self. When you ride an entire summer in the dirt on a 6inch all mountain bike (Slayer 50) with the seat lower than normal as to enhance the retard factor when hopping around the trails; remember when you lead a group ride on your hardtail that the seat is at optimum height for climbing. I was leading the Monday night ride at the Lakes and decided to break out the Voodoo Bokor. The Lakes are so groomed you really only need a cross bike...well maybe. I haven't ridden my hardtail in years at the Lakes. That bike climbs like a raped ape compared to the RMB Slayer 50. Obviously right? Well I forgot going over a log that the seat post is up 5 inches higher too and mid hop over the wood I believe that I put a new divider in my lap taffey, ugh! Regaining my wind the rest of the ride was great. I miss that bike. Mostly being able to climb like a road bike. I do believe that if XCracing came back into my blood I would mount a 29'r hardtail, no doubt. The drivetrain is looking tattered on the Bokor so a new steed would be in order...


Hugh and I are going to see The Rollins Band next Tuesday. He hasn't called lately so I hope he is still alive, Hugh that is.


Went into Border's Books with a 25 dollar gift card. M.O.=get a Rollins disc and the new issue of Decline Magazine. Killer publication, tech articles and outstanding photography. Ya that went out the window as I walked with rag in hand to the CD area. I was rudely intercepted by a 20% off CD table. Ah looks like crap, probably. NO! I was standing in hand with 4 CDs. More like 'Your favorite CDs at 20% off table...' Dang. I paced, looked, shuffled and contemplated what the final choices would be.

1- "Pretty In Pink" soundtrack (guilty pleasure CD)

2- Social Distortion- White....Trash

3- Jack Johnson- "On and on"

4- Motorhead- "Ace of Spades" Lemmy kicks ass...check out 'Probot's' album too.

Ya your thinking, were's the Rollins disc....forgot to get it. Doh!


My boy turned 4 yesterday. Happy bday bub!




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