Sunday, May 07, 2006

After dinner ride?

May is National Bike Month. What does that mean? I need to get my arse commuting asap! The Castro Valley isn't gonna get any miles on it just sitting there.
My boy has a mind like a steel trap. Not that I assume he doesn't remember anything but rather I don't remember everything. I was sittting on my front step have a coffee this morning admiring the benifits of Happy Lawn lawn service (damn my grass is green this year!)when my son came out to sit next to me. "What are you doing daddy?" he asked. "Having a coffee, staring at the lawn" I replied sounding like Odd Todd. "Ya wanna do a bike ride later, in the trailer?" I asked willingly. "Yes daddy, that sounds good" as he picked the dried bird poop off the step. Ugh?

I was reminded at 1830hrs after stuffing my gut with roast beef, carrrots, mac/chse and biscuits with cinnamon butter by my son that I owed him a ride. Let's do it! 1 lap around the neighborhood on the Voodoo stopping halfway to talk with a guy that runs r/c cars with is 5 year old son. They'll be by this summer to session 'suburbia'. Fast around the block, smile on his face and Hot Wheels cars in his hands...fatherhood is great!

The shop is cruising well for our sophmore year. Sales are way up. Our alignment with local organizations are making things fun. The Rocky Mountain's are hot and boo on Pearl Izumi for making their womens 9 road shoe fit like a 10 for this year despite saying 9 on the box. What's up with that? Nautilus buy out glitch and no it's not because of new half sizes being introduced...

Starbucks is opening across the street this month. How broke will I be? Can I fax my order over. Hmmm, run the shop full time and work P/T there? Only if I was single, ha!

Hugh and I are going to the Kittie show this Thursday, more to follow.

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