Sunday, April 09, 2006

...with a face like Bob Marley and a mouth like a motorbike...

Sunday on the road bike...not a day of rest. Me, josh and cinco headed out from my door-9am @ 29 deg again! Josh brings 29 deg with him everywhere he goes I guess. My buddy Dan always said that you can't complain about the head wind unless you go ride in it. No whinning, I don't think I'll go out 'cause it's too windy... Windy and 29 feels like...hmmm I don't know. Just freaking nippley. I attempted to lift the boys spririts by saying at least we'll have a tail wind coming home, right? Blue bird skies and rolling through Lancaster county we hopped from Mountville-Rheems Etown-Manheim-Salunga-home. Still don't have my fitness yet. Josh is kicking our asses. One of his quads is as large as my waist! Speaking of he and I were rolling down this perfectly flat stretch and he just lights her up to see what he could top out at. Like a 69 Camaro with a tubbed rear and Mickey Thompsons he hits just over 40mph. My sad climbing build tapped an early season pull of 32.5mph.
On the cruise back the unimaginable happen in my county. Someone yelled out the passenger side of a....guess what vehicle...come on! yea a pick up truck, ha! Bet you never guess that one, eh? 'Git off da road!' as the full size appliance toating truck drove around us. In natural reaction I waved and smiled. He saw and yelled something again. I started blowing kisses up into the air quickly. I obviously hit a good nerve as he flipped the bird, mission accomplished. Nothing like a homo-phobic, Thursday paycheck drinking wife beater. Maybe he was driving back to York County?!
I am done with selling new parts on ebay. People want something for nothing. Just a couple of postings of unused parts out a kit. Record crank drew 47 bucks, common people. 110 for new Record brakes, you guys are sad. I guess Tiajuana Cyclist is carrying the stuff...
Waiting for May 11th; the Kittie show.
Are people buying choppers anymore at bike shops?
Cd of the month even though I am way late buying it: the bravery/the bravery.
If a man cheats on a woman once is that daring? If it's done a second time is it ballsy? A third time? Doesn't care about the ones he is hurting? Yea that and needs to curb his urges manually. ...a high school guy that I know that is now low on the man list...


George said...

40 mph on flat ground? Holy crap. Your friend is an animal.

York County is full of assholes in pick-up trucks.

Sorry bout that.

I've never bought anything off of e-bay and rarely use the internet to shop for bike stuff.

The only exception is for apparel as I buy the stuff that's going out of season for quite a bit less money then regular price.

Choppers? Yeah, I got one-it's a load of fun to ride around the neighborhood. It's the ultimate liquor store bike :-)

I gots to come up and visit, everytime I get any spare cash to buy stuff-my kids suck it out of my wallet like it was never there. You'll see what I'm talkin' about in a few years!

JLN said...

WOW! I get your little message there at the end. Thank you!