Monday, April 17, 2006

Back on the Monday night ride...

Tonight was the first Monday night ride of the season. Organized beginner moutain bike rides have been slim to none and slim just left town... The usual MNR over the past 5 years have become disorganized to the point were beginners show up and get dropped like a rock. Tonight was the opposite. Big Joe, Cinco and I keep the 30 some riders to slow relaxing beginner pace. 4 women in the group too. One was a recent customer of mine that bought my last Rocky Mountain hardtail. Mother of two, she and her girl friend are going full bore into mountain biking. Bethany showed sans friend. With a big smile and a pink helmet, she hung with the pack and made most of the climbs. Good job. A few department store bikes, some with kickstands, beginner as it gets. Just getting their feet wet but hopefully they are gonna get bit by the bug. No major mechanicals, no blood and a good vibe. Thanks Joe and Cinco for helping out!
Alrighty. Mirage is the price point of my fav groupo. I have noticed a couple of models that I have been stocking with that kit having habitual chain dumping on the granny gear.
Problem: chain dumping even with the limit screw set to factory setting.

Observation: the spring that Campy has under the screw to provide tension isn't providing enough tension. The limit screw backs out due to road vibrations.

Solution: remove the screw. Stretch the spring that is under the limit screw. Apply Spokeprep to the threads and dry with a heat gun to accelerate the repair process.

Reassemble, adjust and test. Originally when riding in the middle ring up front the low limit screw would back out. Now the new spring tension and thread lock should prevent the chain from dumping again. I used spokeprep as thread lock would lock in the screw a little more than I would want it to.


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