Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fool-ish day

Oddly enough a whole day in the shop skated by without any pranks or whitty jokes. I guess when you are busy tom foolery slips your mind. The only thing I can get out of April 1 is it's my ex-finance's birthday... Damn I'm glad I didn't go down that road with her... Speaking of lame; nice explotation of big brother's prefab web templates/ inserting text here... If this bike company went down the crapper, do you realize how many bike shops would be CRIPPLED? Hmmmm.
As planned from last year the women are coming out in full force this cycling season. New women riding, current riders, women getting on board with the local YWCA who organize a spring Tri in June. The 4 road bikes that I sold this week went to women, hellz yea! Now if the guys only had their shiznit together and realized that the better selection is early in the year...not schlepping on in July after they have realized it's time to stop drinking the Kool-Aid.
Oddly enough days go by and I stare at the pile of bike boxes in the basement thinking may I need to get my tail going and build these up. The situation starts with someone needing a model and size, I build, they buy. It's been fantastic but the showroom is still on Kate Moss side of things.
April 17th is the first Monday night ride that I will be leading. A lot of locals have been complaining the pace over the past few years has been off the hook. Social pace is social pace. I think I can keep things down to a comfortable pace with the Slayer. Part of the deal was the main leader hasn't been around due to other committments. That left the orange/red jersey yahoos to raise the pace, pass riders where lanes are too narrow for beginners to feel comfortable and get dropped like a stone. Time to rectify certain inequities...



George said...

You the MAN.

If someone passes you on that Slayer, you'll just be able to wheelie drop on top of them and slow the pace back down:-)

Jen said...

Great update. Glad to hear business is good. Loved the Kate Moss reference-LOL!