Thursday, March 02, 2006

The ride of the Slayer.

A break in the weather translated into a test ride on the RMB Slayer 50. Last Saturday I headed to Rocky Ridge with Josh for a breaking in of my arse and the bike. As you can see by the temp gauge it was a cold morning. I also noticed that I didn't change the time for DLS. It should read 0813. With my old dated snowboard garp I headed out the door. No way I am wearing tights on this bike!

Well well, look at that seatpost high. And that's and inch lower from were it should be. I don't mind it low at the start of the season, especially on a bike like this.

I am dragging my arse around the trails but loving being out. Josh has been on the rollers all winter and I have been on coffee and rolls of paper towels; waxing snowboards. The slack head angle lend the bike to be super stable at speed and descending as it should. Hopping logs is a motion of front and rear shock compression and janking like a petite chick off the pit floor of a Ministry show. Fox's ProPedal aids in climb-ability. The Avid Juicy brakes didn't get the action that I thought they would on that ride. With 6 in. of travel and lots of rubber to hook up in the corners you can just let the bike run on sans brakes. I cased a log and the big ring didn't even flinch. Love that Race Face stink!
More as the trails dry up.

Bianchi has some leftover carbon Campy rigs so I ordered a pinchful...not counting on seeing the Jamis versions in my 'needed time window'. I snagged a Castro Valley for commuting this year. I love that bike like nobody else can.

All the snowboard orders are written for next year except for one company...holding off on that b/c they have the most hard to sell graphics. They make a tight kit but the looks are bla....I tell them that you don't look at the mantle when your stoking the fire... Written by the aid of only 2 beers and a ton of Advil. I picked up Rome SDS and their wood is sick. Bindings are strong too. They are the anit-Burton brand.

There is a local team that the shop is supporting. I have been working on some of their bikes, super guys and good rankings too. I will try and get some shots on the site of the next bike I am building for them.


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