Monday, March 27, 2006

Destroy what you enjoy...

Ahh, went to the Recher Theater last night to see Powerman 5000. 3 opening bands. That's alway a gamble. Having to sit through 3 acts that you've never heard of could be on the level with self pleasuring with a cheese grater. The first gig was tolerable, name intro would have been nice but if it was it didn't stick in my head. Since, who are a locals to the area had a tight set. The band gets a thumbs up for having a chick bassist. Genn donning a wife beater and pseudo devils lock hair growled and screamed on the backing vocals. Damn that was alright. That sight is getting me amped to see Kittie there on May 11th. Freudian Flip was the last act before PM5k came on. Hard rythms and a lead guitarist that was technically ahead of his age. Way ahead. Powerman 5000 slammed into their set with Spider charging up front. 2 new songs they did...Heros and Villians and Destroy What You Enjoy. Not bad since it's been awhile for an album release from them. Good arrangement of samples leading into some songs and they ended with Worlds Collide. Impressive show.
enter bike rant here:

Shimano Dura Ace road group with wireless shifting...hmmm. There are some things that shouldn't be. Fat suburban girls at the mall with belly shirts and a spare tire, bar ends on riser bars and wireless D/A group. Come on folks! Here is concept for Shimano. Hey guys get your act together and not ship out batches of Dura Ace rear derails with bent teeth on the top idler pulley. Or maybe shifters for moutain bikes that don't have the pods integrated into the brake levers...dual control... Hey here is your next great idea big S (not Specialized aka big brother) a sphinkter sensor in the road saddles connected to the braking system so you can stop fast in those oh sh*& situations. For the brainyaks that ride against the flow of traffic? Pucker up baby. Shimano, try and focus more on product availability for OEM specs, not the next greatest gimmic. Campy can ramp up production faster that you for line changes and not have to hire hundreds more on the manufacturing lines to do it. SRAM is going to be a wake up call to you too. Wireless may give you the allure of a clean cockpit, no derail cables flapping in front of the bars. Jump on that band wagon a different way but not by wireless. I believe Shimano is taking development cues from GM. Same cat turd, different litter box fellas.

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