Sunday, February 05, 2006

Another Stratton demo in the can.

Winter is becoming a suffering gunshot wound to the stomach. It's been awhile since the last post as my time is limited.

Last Sunday Jan. 29th the crew rolled up to Vermont for the on snow demo. I love this event. The beings I work with are all cool and great to be around. A few guys that are new to working in the shop were attending the demo for their first time.

Sunday mid afternoon we rolled into the Man of Kent about 2pm-ish. Started with some drafts and a bowl of their KILLER mac n cheese for lunch. Drank some more and low and behold it was dinner time. Ordered a Buffalo Chicken wrap soaked in Louisanna hot sauce. MMMM!

Next morning we headed to the Mt. Snow Volkl demo. Rode their boards, had a good presentation about next years gear, lunch served to us and some more riding. My old riding friend Dan drove up from Albany to meet us for some turns. The visability was 10yds, foggy and soft snow. We drove runs most of the day through the park as the line of sight was better there than the other runs. Left Mt. Snow and headed to our house for the week.

Tuesday-Thursday was the Stratton On snow demo. Here is a pix of the house we stayed out. A lot of wood as you can see. The decor was sort of early Russian...western...not quite sure. Hot tub out back. Tile everywhere with granite counter tops. Lots of adult beverages, satellite radio and good friends. I can't say enough about the eggs that I work with. Good ones indeed.

We're just starting to settle down on the couch. Couch far left is Josh. He joined the shop this winter and comes from north of our way. He used to work at a ski shop in Reading and race track at Trexlertown velodrome. I am pumped to have him working for me in the bike shop this coming summer. He's on my A-list...buying a Masi Gran Crit from us and drives a WRX. White sweatshirt; Betsy is my road tripping companion. We have a lot of slope time in Vt together; dropping altitude on snow. Always upbeat, loves the 80's, the sis I've never had and can 'eat the hell out of some Krimpets'. Natalie, new to the crew; Pat's girl. Head shot of my bro Fives. He can eat more beans than anyone camping, drink you under the carpet, throw down a nose wheelie at will and ski WFO with out breaking a sweat. Behind Fives is Tyler. Another Subie driver and board spinner. Went to school with Matty in 4 grade on up. Sitting is the birthday boy Jason. Turning 23 that evening and still smiling. Jason and Matt have been a big help with reinventing the shop this year.

Everyone rode hard that week. 5 inches of fresh on Tuesday. Packed powder the rest. Ran into some old faces and missing others...miss Scott and Buckwalter. Glad I had on a helmet as I skull slammed that week riding away switch off a hit. Tuesday night was the main part-tay thrown by Volkl. This year they had a reggae band performing the beats. Comp drinks from Labatts. As usual the girls of group went out dancing first. Beers later us guys slid out to the floor. Dancing along were we and the Jagermeister girls handing out swag. Sometime we had a 'wedding party dance circle', Fives jumped in and then me. A Jager girl strolling by commanded and 'dance off' between Fives and I. I somehow won with my techno, Bill Cosby jazz, dirty Brooklyn dance moves. Jager girl Missy autographed it for me...

Fives pulled the shop Suburban out of the snowy ditch that ran next to the driveway. Don't EVER think the new Xterrras are wimpy. Cincos has some meaty ones.

The above shot is of the house and my Subaru the day we left. Next year's boards are sick, boots are getting softer and stylie, I am banking on picking up a new board line that should be another shot in the arm for the shop. Twin tip skis are looking tastey and I hope the shop can grow more of that market.

This is my attempt at an Ansel Adams shot out the back of the house. Mmmm lovely isn't it. As usual I didn't take enough busy riding right?


Jen said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

George said...

Hey Will, how happy are you that it *FINALLY* snowed here in PA?:-)

Anonymous said...

Hopefullt I'll be ther next year.