Wednesday, January 18, 2006

...and it's hard to hold a candle in the cold November rain.

I am seriously thinking that this is November and NOT January 2006! Roundtop is washing away. The weather in totally bunk. Snowboarding isn't on my list of top things to do. At least my Cyclops trainer is getting some action from me.

Today I attended a gathering of industry reps to get a peak at what is coming for the 06-07 boarding year. Boards, boots and bindings are getting better every year. Not that they aren't good now...but improvements in materials and construction makes everything appealing. Speaking of appealing, wink at that pic to the right. Sepia is a clothing line that one of my reps handle. That's their ladies 'Sexy' pant; so it's called in the catalog. Sepia has a lot of urban style that I like. Not that I am some g-money balla but I dig outerwear other than the ski tech stuff. I don't think she comes with those pants...or can she, I mean does she...what?

Inclimate winter weather is bringing customers to our door looking for bikes; early no doubt. I like the momentum already. Even better, a handful of bikes sold this past week. And I discovered that my fav Masi has some leftover whips that I can add to my preseason for '06. AAAWWWW YEAAAAAA...I'm talking Dedacciai tubing baby. Gran Crit and Cran Corsa Premio may have to be added to bring back that lovein' feeling since the costs went up 20% and the Dedacciai went out the window with the exception of my Special Carbon. Damn that Euro value to the US dollar.

The Slayer still sits unridden. I need the trails to be dryer before it's initial flogging.

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