Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tech update II

I like my job in many ways. The people; getting them stoked on what gets me excited. The gear; ever changing even though I sometimes question the direction it's heading in...Gear, yea that. Here is a sneaky peaky from across the pond from my boys at Viner. Don't check their site, it's still stale and under construction, sorry. But beside that this is their new carbon offering for the masses.

The Epicus is coming. I opened the pix upon receiving the email and I kid you not my reaction was, 'oh man that's F#$$ing hot!' Knee jerk reaction right. Well those I work with know that you could paint dog poop orange (or red) and I'd buy it. Well , almost..the Dodge Neon and Chevy Cobolt come in orange and I'm not rushing out for that! I showed the pic to my Pinarello rep and he jumped too. (yea we're doing Pins next season.) Back to the bike. Full carbon frame. Retail is enough to raise your eyebrow higher than 'The Rock's'. Shown here with FSA SLK carbon crank (a hill killer and I run one on my Masi Speciale Carbon), Mavic hoops and Campy Record. If I squint hard enough the rear tri looks like it may be a Black Box by Deda. I could only pray for that...
The rumor mill has also churned out the possibility that SRAMs new road group my include an 11spd group, whoa!

Here is a fine example of the jewerly that SRAM is going to bestow upon us in 2007. SEXY! I would love to see a Chorus-esk kit on one of the new Masi Carbons next season. Come on Tim, I can smell what your cooking, yea!


I lost a beloved Gerber tool on my way to Boston. I took it off my belt and threw it into my luggage. We were running a bit late and the counter told us we had to carry on our bags. I didn't remember that it was in there until my bag DIDN'T come out the other end of the scanner. Talk about wearing new underwear. They stated that I couldn't take it on board and I explained the check in situation. Knife gone and I'm feeling like a broke dick dog. I loved that knife. I bought a new one. The one that wasn't out when I bought the last one, hehehe.




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George said...

On my.

You know if I was stinking filthy rich I'd be at your shop and Jay's shop spreading the wealth:-)

I'm a sucker for anything painted blue or green though........