Friday, December 02, 2005

Summer may be over, winter is here and a new life?

Heck yea. I am going to have to admit that the winter is creeping in slowly. Cold today. Snow tomorrow. Still waiting for my new board from the Great White North. Hey Chris, get that thing down here, eh? or take off hoser...
I found out this evening that my best friend and his wife are having a baby. They seemed super mellow during the beginning of their visit. As I sipped my lager they couldn't hold it in any longer and she blerted out, 'we are expecting June...' what?! That's F#$#ing great I said as I hugged him. I gave her a hug too and thought about the happiness that children have brought into my life. I love both of them very much and we're so stoked that they are having their first. I wish them all the health and happiness that they need down the road.

I had an good conversation this afternoon with a guy looking for a replacement bike. His doc stated that the condition he is in isn't favorable for a road bike so he wants a STEEL flat bar road bike. Right. Steel, a man after my own heart. I showed him some units and totally dug them. He is the butcher at the same store that my BRDG buddy works at. Like Sam the butcher bringing Alice the meat, like Fred Flintstone driving around wit bald feet...Beastie Boys.

Here is a shot of me circa 1991. Throwing down a mini wall ride at the Glen Rock court. It was a private basket ball court that an owner had let us build ramps on. We had a mini quarter, spine, table/box ramp and this old platform that one day I decided to prop up. Hit it full speed, pull up, ride and pull off. Short time but it's the little things that matter. A summer of riding, going to tech school, rawkin' the Vision Street Wear high tops with the big red 'V' on the side. I can still hear New Order's Substance 1987 playing in the background of that shot. That bike today sits in my garage. I wonder if I should ebay it?
Have a great weekend.



George said...


Did he get anything?

I was tellin him about you a few weeks ago.

Before he hurt his back, he was a STRONG rider.

Kinda like me:-)

tim said...

Oh it is true, baby on the way. keep bloggin dude.