Monday, December 12, 2005

New board, old mountain.

Sunday was the first weekend that Ski Roundtop was open. I hopped in the wagon and drove my new lumber to the mountain. The resort has half of their terrain open. I met Jason there as he was on a mission to break in his new board to. The past handful of years I have spent freeriding. This year I decided to get a freestyle board, thug out a duck stance and have a go at it. This pix is my son jumping over the Endeavor Live 164W. I was trying out the time elapse setting on my digicam. Kind of cool, at least he stuck the landing. The core of the board is super thick. Medium soft at the tip and tail for buttering. I mounted a pair of Salomon SPX Pro binders. Large of course. This binding set up fits my size boots perfecto. Not to mention the stitch detailing and appearance yells mens Louie Vaton...

The really nice part of the season on this board is that it's one of 4 left in their biz. The 164 wide was only available in Europe and Chris was cool enough to pro-form one. It's not in their catalog... The top sheet artwork is tight. Graphics were designed by hand tip to tail. Lots of arrows...

The board rode great. Aside from getting used to 15deg front and -6deg rear stance, the board was a blast. I found out how much pop the tail had when I loaded it up at the top of a small whale on Recruit. 3 secs of hang time. Loving it. It still carves well because of the triaxial fiberglass layup and the poplar wood core is the old Lamar snowboards that were made in the USA. I do believe we are off to a good start for this season.

I feel some Masi pics are on order for this week.


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George said...

Stop it!

Your gonna make me buy snowboard stuff.

You ever see a fat 46 year old try to snow board?

Me neither, but I'm sure it would be ugly.