Monday, December 19, 2005

Hello Mr. Anderson...

I love that line from the Matrix. I tried on a pair of new Oakleys and with my bald head, felt like a sidekick to Morpheus. Sunglasses and shoes, something I have too much of.
In keeping with the 2005 Rulings on Americana Blogging; Section 8 subsect 213.8, I must tell of 5 interesting thing about myself. Interesting may be a personal opinion but here we go.
1.) In my preteen years I was riding a pair of WHITE Tioga Comp III tires. My bike cleaning sessions included taking a tooth brush and scrubbing the tires clean.
2.) I once crashed in the girls dorm at Millersville University. Study time ran late... Not realizing there weren't any girls bathrooms,used one near the lobby. The door was already open to the so I walked on in. While 'peeling the pain of the walls' I heard the pitter patter of feet run in and hop up on the commode next to mine. There were painted toe nails and feet not touching the floor. Huh, weird. I got up and brushed my teeth. Yea I used to carry and brush and Crest in my jacket when clubbing. As I brushed my teeth I caught an eye of a tampon dispenser. Whoa! Turned and looked at the opened door; Ladies it said. I spit, rinsed and left with a red face.
3.) Lesson learned from my last bike shop that I worked at, when doing this new one; I rolled in a Craftsman tool box for all my tools. All wrenches arranged in order side by side, in droors by level of frequency of use, wiped off after using. OCD? Nah, it just makes my job easier when I'm not picking tools up off the floor to do a repair.
4.) When working in the resturant biz from ages 16-20, I learned to inhale fettaccini (sp?) noodles through my nose and pull it out of the back of my mouth.
5.) I opposed the naming of my daughter Brooke. Wife's idea. The reason; I had to politly explain I had a lap dance in El Paso, Tx from a stawberry blonde with librarian glasses named that.

That's it. So list 5 interesting things about yourself in my comment section.

I picked up a Christmas pres for myself. Anthony Kiedis' 'Scar Tissue' I'll let you know how it is.
Last week I received my dvd box set of the Plywood Hoods 'dorkin in york'. Oh man is this hot. The best part is two things. Switch the dvd player audio to ch.2 and hear Mark Eaton' s comments on the videos. And me in the background of dorkin' 3 at the Mt Rose session...working on my bike sort of. Those guys had such an influence on freestyling and somehow the 20 core scene is kind of dead in the area. How do you bring that back? Hmmm. Another iron the fire...

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Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...


Sounds like you're gonna have to resurrect the 20" scene there. No reason why you can't be a trailblazing pioneer.