Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas on Friday?

Yea that's my first thought as I ran up the steps to the ski shop Friday afternoon to use the bathroom. The the entrance to the door stood a freshly shipped box from The Great White North. The 2006 Rocky Moutain Slayer 50. I almost tripped on the hardwood floors getting to it. Weak in the knees, I inspected the shipping data tag. Slayer 50 20.5 in. (inject hip hop beat here) Awwwh yeaaaa! Snatching it off the floor and sweeping down the stairs to my labor-a-tory; let the build commence. Only after I knock out 3 more snowboard tunes then the bike...

This bike is oozing sexy. Like Angelina Jolie in a wife beater tank top sexy. A bit rough around the edges but it's gotta be a fun ride just looking at it. I will post pics next week. Marzocchi, Fox, Avid, SRAM, Easton and Mavic round out the parts on this tasty ride. Beautiful machining and linkage, metallic medium blue with a mother of pearl front end. More later...

Have a wonderful holiday and eat some cookies.


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