Monday, November 21, 2005

Where might I get a cup of coffee?

Any friggin' corner in Boston. My wife and I spent last weekend in Boston and I swear there was a Starbuck's on EVERY corner. And yes I had a couple, how couldn't I. Fatherhood=more on your plate=less sleep=coffee jumpstarts in the morning. I have grown a taste to the java but just like beer, I have a snob taste for certain grinds. In a pinch or free by a passing snowboard rep... I have been known to down a cold PBR. (Thanks Carrington!) Coffee brand X at the buffet in the hotel yields Sanka or Maxwell House. That's rank along with anything French Roast. That stuff makes your tongue stink like Fiona Apple's armpits!
Being my first trip to Boston, I can definitly say it's worth it. Not the trip of a lifetime but it wasn't a wasted weekend by any means. Unfortunatly we had to take our bags on the plane. We missed the '45 minute check in window' for the flight. That would have been cool if I hadn't packed my Gerber multitool in there. Not a problem if luggage is checked... big problem if you try and sneek it through security or in this case forgot it was in there! Talk about some tension. This knife would carve up a Thanksgiving turkey and saw through PVC pipe, now gone, ugh! We stayed in the business district. Everything was within walking distance. Mass transit for trolleys and trains below the city keep one more car off the roads, I like it already.

If you couldn't guess I was keeping my eyes out for bikes and architecture. LOTS of people commuting by bike. It's way quicker and cheaper. A lot of the housing and buildings are still in old form because of a rule of keeping the original look of the structure. You can do whatever you like inside, just keep the outside original, nice!

I highly recommend eating at 'Caio Bella'. I really dug their pumpkin ravioli (sp?) in a light cream sauce garnished with bits of Granny Smith apples and chopped walnuts. Oh what a mouth-gasm. For the entree I had Penne Bolognase (spelling?) Yea I ate some BEEF. I do that now and then for my little dose of mad cow... All awhile washing it down with a glass of William Hall Merlot, dabbleing with red wine now...Dump the Zinf.
Shopping is not hard to do there. I strolled into The North Face store. Not an outlet, this is a store. First floor ladies, second men's. Most of the patrons were ladies going nuts trying on jackets. Hmmm, I wonder how many here actually ski? I suppose being owned by Vanity Fair will do that to your distribution? It looked like a catalog exploded. All sizes, models and colors. I tried on my next
TNF jacket. Thank goodness for employee purchase forms...ha! I haven't bought a Gore-Tex jacket in 9 years. Time for a fresh one. I love 'soft shell' jackets. They have a great range of motion and waterproofing with out the bulk or noise of movement.
Back to Boston. I walked by an area near one of the train stops that was super sessionable. Lots of embankments, stairs and 20' handrails that were already looking like the old gray mare's back. Some guys were skating the area but too many people around to make it worth your while during the day.

We went to the local comedy club for a laugh and mixed drinks. Some guy was headlining with the cred of being on the Howard Stern show. He was alright but the opening guy was better, more en-r-g.
It's getting colder...

New snowboard arriving this week...

Killington is open...

Working all of Black Friday weekend....doh! Guess riding is further away than expected?
Listened to the new Madonna album last week, 4 times! Yea I have a little bit of club going still in me, how could I have not? It's good, still on the fence if I should by it or not.
Whoa it's ten til one, better go shave and hit the pillow.
Or maybe a Vente Cafe Mocha Soy no Whip?


ps: deb-rah, I don't know if I can drop the red fonts. I love them too much! I did make them bigger to see....hahaha.

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