Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tech update for the winter.

As Downtown Julie Brown would say, 'today we have a sneaky peaky from...' The North Face. I have seen their 2006-2007 line up of gear. One nice item was a winter hydration pack. Yea what about it you may think. It has a built in heater system in the shoulder strap that keeps your drinking hose from freezing, Nice!
Trail running shoes that utilize the Boa lacing system. Gore-Tex and the Boa knob on the outside of the heelcup. Super tech, love it.
Jacket material thats Biomimic. A dual layering material the mimics animal fur where there are 2 fiber lengths. The longer ones are pointed and provide protection from the elements and keep the shorter material fibers dry. The shorter act as insulation. NOT real animal hair but operates like it.
Colors are earth tones. Like in the board shop this season, I keep saying brown is today's black; pants, beanies, jackets and gloves.
TNF has a winter cycling jacket that will retail for around $85 usd and perform the usual duties that a jacket should and offer monkey thumb holes. WHAT?! Cuffs at the end of the sleeves that have a thumb hole as to prevent the jacket from riding up your wrists. At least my monkey arms won't get a 2 inch windburn band from riding in 30 deg temps.


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