Friday, November 11, 2005

Playing the Angel.

New cds come out so seldom that I feel the need to go right out and get them. I really need to make the effort to listen to the samples that music sites offer. This leads me to the latest release-'Playing the Angel' by one of my top bands; Depeche Mode. Let me start my review of this album by saying that I have listened deeply to Exciter. Honestly the second half of that album has alright content. 'Playing the Angel' is the same. Opening track number one crashes in like rebar through your temple. An odd sound construction leading to a track nowhere near as well engineered like Pimpf. (Music for the Masses) Track 2-4 are tollerable with unique fidelity. DM is did spend more time mixing and building sound layering throughout this cd. Their first video out is for 'Precious'. This track by far the best one on the whole album. The keyboard's keys are finely stroked/plucked reminding you of the typical B.P.M. of DMode albums of earlier. The chorus is anchored by a synth/drum wash that takes me to Erasure's 'Chorus' album. The other songs gain a bit of interest but that to me is on the side of tolerable. Track 10 'Damage People' (aren't we all?) has me fond of the synth of 'A Broken Frame' and Martin's slightly textured volcals. Track 11 'Lilian' has more tempo and Dave and Martin's harmony at chorus make the track solid. A bit of guitar to linger about as in 'Enjoy the Silence' too. Nice.
I am a devout fan as I add this cd to my collection to prevent a hole in my discography but repeat listening will be infrequent. As bands age, their music can take many courses. Some retaining their trademark engineering...(NIN)Some their trademark lyrics...(Cure)And some their vocals(Morrisey). I truly believe that DM is searching for that full circle album but in a 21st century way. Take a bit of advise boys, increase the B.P.M. of your instrumental by 2. The slow stuff is good occassionaly! It was better when 'Faith and Devotion' was launched but Dave was nearer to Death back then. Dave, your vocals still need a bit of electronic(reverb) to keep them from getting too clear and dry as on 'Paper Monsters'. Alan Wilder was no doubt the master mind behind their success and since leaving....Ultra was their last 'good' album. The remix albums are great. Someone else is adding flavor on those cuts. And man, get Daniel Miller's hands more involve with the engineering. Make Mute records proud!

'you wear guilt, like shakles on your feet, like a halo in reverse...' dm-Halo/Violator

Job interviews are a way to make sure that either you like the job you are at or don't. Occassionally going on one keeps your skills sharp and prevents stagnation should you have to apply for one elsewhere. Knowing what other hiring companies are looking for (characteristics/skills) should give you a grasp on how to market yourself. Don't like your job? Maybe the don't part is caused by the conditions that you are performing within. Are those conditions really bad or are you making them out to be more than what they really are? Can you change those conditions through suggestions and efforts? Or are you committed to your position and where it is because you don't know what should be better? Not knowing...complacent...ignorant of what should better? That's tricky. Tasks are completed to the best of ones abilities. Either you are happy with the job you do or working that job is a pain due to lack of resources or manpower. The grass is sometimes greener on the other side but may wilt quickly with an unseen history of neglect(or fertilizer...)

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