Monday, November 14, 2005

Cross bike and cross country

Sunday was killer in the weather department. I suited up and grabbed the cyclox bike. Off to Rocky Ridge for some tooling around. I can honestly say it's been YEARS since I rode the trails in the month November, not the road.
The trails here are leaf covered, roots and rocks hidden underneath. I really enjoy the cross bike. The swiss army knife of bikes. Road bike, commuter bike, cross and trail slicer. 700x30 tires keep you really alert. The rubber gets bounced around a lot. Your weight over the bike needs to be 50/50 to allow for quick corrections in bike positioning. Jack hammering your wrist? Yea so what.
There was a large number of county residences enjoying the trails with their families, loved ones and pets. Yea pets. As some would say, "...people and their dogs..." While attending to a bike correction on the side of the trail, a women walked by me with her dog ahead of her not on a leash. She asks, "Have you passed any other people with dogs along this trail?" "No I haven't but the county parks frown upon dogs not being on a leash." I replied informatively. "That's alright, I let her out and when I call her name, she comes right back" stated Ms. Single Women in black Track Pants. I thought, "Oh, man that's right. I'm sorry. What was I thinking. Your boxer is one of those cerebral animals that does exactly what you say Ms. Doolittle. My mistake. (or 'My Bad' for those living in 1999) People and their dogs...
I like the looks that I get when passing the riders on full suspension, huh?

I do a good job to not take sides on news segments featuring drama, death and mystery. This past weekend about 12 miles up the map from my house, a reported teen shot and killed the parents of his girlfriend. The girl was thrown in the killer's car and today were both found in Indiana. The pics of the girl unfortuantly played the story in a Romeo and Juliet frame. The shooting was a result of the girl breaking curfew, bla bla bla. She was a child of 5 siblings, home schooled, and a heavyly religious family. Put those ingredients in the oven and out pops a loaf of bread not fully baked. Hell hath no fury for a woman scorn...


The Depeche Mode album is slowly growing on my like a spore. I talked to Brent on Sunday (asked him to go ride with me but he was too sick to.) and he concurred with my review.

We had our November equipment swap at the ski/snowboard shop last week. Temps in the 60's and still grossed 10% sales increase from last year. Sold a good bit of use boots, then decks w/bindings. The women are coming out strong this season. They are cleaning up on the gear/packages this season. Matching board and binding combos. Guys are getting on the leftover decks but women 14 years and older are at an advantage. Why? They pretty much stop growing in the foot dept and height by their freshman year in High School. That way you can justify the $550 set up that will last 5 years. Do the math, it's worth it.



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