Monday, September 12, 2005

Road Apple Slalom

That is a good name for a new blog...ha!

No, yesterday I hopped on the Masi and spun my way out to the in-laws for dinner. My wife and the 2 little ones headed out early. Did my 15min stretch routine to prevent knee detonation, yea it works.

The weather was good. 4pm, 80's, slight head wind from the southeast, ran to GNC for the bottle mojo and grabbed a Cliff Bar to go. The first half of the trip was hill intervals. My legs were felling like sand was poured into them. No umph! 45 minutes sat up, ate, and spooled up for the back half of the ride. I haven't done this ride in 5 years and yea, I still want a set of clip on aero bars for this section. Averaging 24 mph on this section, I managed to blow the carbon out of the valves. The shoulder is 2 feet wide and man I was using every part of it. The Amish are out in full force on Sunday's and the shoulders are littered with road apples. Slalom racing and time trial all into one.

I rolled into the driveway hour and half on the dot; 30 miles later. Average speed of 19.3mph for that duration. I was happy with that time and even happier for the chicken stromboli I chowed on later. My 3 year old boy ran up to me as I stood in the doorway all stinky. Hugged my leg. Yea my life is good.

This Friday is the Rollins show. I think I'll try and sneak the digicam in...
Here is my next ride...



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