Saturday, September 03, 2005

Dollars to go somewhere.

Ok now. Katrina has kick the snot out of the south. Please do what you can to support the cause/recovery with the Red Cross.
The shop has been heck-tick this week. People are coming in to get fitted for the junior lease ski packages that we offer. Bikes are going out on more test rides and home to lucky buyers. The snowboard shop is still in a state of major reconstruction. 12 years of the previous management ran the shop into a dull film on the goggles of snowboarders everywhere. I am in the process of redoing the displays on the walls, more slat wall please... developing a women's rider area. The ladies would like an area for themselves to shop. Ripped out all of the 'Wal-mart' flourescent lighting (I hate 8 foot balast assemblies) and installed track/spot lighting for that mood setting effect. The owner of the ski shop still says it's too dark....haha. I can't believe I am sitting on this much inventory from last year, well I can since I didn't do the ordering but that's a different story. I am checking up on arriving orders for the board shop, transitioning the ski shop from a bike to ski shop, writing orders for next bicycle season by October, whew! I am grateful for the staff that I have backing me, there is no mistaking that.

One day down c0mmuting in and out of the shop and NO knee pain at ALL. Yea! I commuted with Cinco since today was his day to work with me. I counted 14 road riders out as I rode in. Yea, I took the Masi. What else could I do since I was running behind schedule to meet Cinco in Hellam. If you want to go fast, take the Masi not the Schwinn.

Bumming that next years bike are going up 20-30% msrp from 2005 prices. Commonly stated the cost of fuel and oil is the reason. As long as Pizza Hut pizzas don't double in price...Gas is at $3.45 a gallon this weekend and expected to hit 5 bucks next week. Do what you can and ride to work. Every bit counts, build your fitness, save same dough and gas.


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