Wednesday, September 07, 2005

'all I wanted was a Pepsi...and she wouldn't let me have it!'

This week has my head in a spin.

A friend shuts his snowboard shop down after 15 years of grinding the young minds into what the standard of boarding should'll be missed man, keep up with the methods.

Transitioning in my board shop for me has been a huge undertaking. Can you say slat wall? So much left over gear I could eat nails.

I have a tasty Issac carbon road bike to hang Record stink off of it. Loving that. Pics to follow the build.

Drama with one of my line's reps. INS is trying to deport him, damn 9-11. Lost my shot of Interbike with him, phone calls gone and faxing letters from him to the attornys and other reps...At least I am building 5 of his bikes for the Interbike show. Scored some cantis from Cane Creek to go on the Viner Cross bike. Stop by the Viner Bicycles booth in the Italian district and see my handy work...

New Bianchi rides for next year are looking strong.
San Jose; single speed com-mutter freewheel.
Giro is back in yellow and the San Mateo is red, hell yea!

Here is a bike that would make my riding shorts so tight that I would need to wear baggys while eating up the miles on it...

Here is the evening campion of stickboy this evening, laptop, streaming Indie103 and ABC Moutain Lager. Gotta go shave and hit the pillow.


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George said...

Holy Cow, how many programs ya got running in the background there?

Nice bikes by the way..........