Friday, August 12, 2005

When you've one thing going...

Now this makes 4 bikes in the past month to roll out of the shop in single speed form. 3 fixies and one 1x1.

This steed is a way old Giant that stumbled through the door. The guy was breathing some NYC messenger fumes. Gimme one brake, fixed and some bull bars. If you ever cut bars down, do it right with a 'Rigid' pipe cutter. Thanks to my past career running conduit, I had one in the bottom of my tool box.

Scank the bars out with some Celeste tape and make sure the left brake/bar handle area has that organic look as the stem manufacturers like to refer to. The rear end is flip flop with a Dura-Ace 16t ring for blingafication. One test ride tells me that my knees are not going to love a drivetrain like that. I am better doing a trackstand on a freehub wheel that a fixed, for now. The curiosity is definitly there for me...

Here is a tasty Colnago, circa early 90's. Set up with new crank, rear freehub wheel, chain/ tape, hoods, saddle and tread. Man this bike rides nice. Steel is dear to my heart and this bike is no slouch cornering. Beautiful lugging and welds. Many happy miles to that bike.


The backyard r/c track is coming along fine. Supplies so far: 200' of 4in. drain tubing, 60/10in galv nails w/ 3/8in washers, 3 scoops of dirt-screened top soil and some elbow grease. I still need 70ft of tubing to finish the lanes. I am going with top soil for the surface. One set of doubles are in place. Just like building bmx tracks years ago, logs are used as the jump's foundation. This allows less dirt to be used and gives the jump some substance too.

The start and finish/landing of the double set is about 6 feet. Watering and repacking is on order for the jumps for awhile. Getting the dirt to set up is always an issue when a roller isn't around. i burned the infield grass with the lawn tractor. Top soil should snuff the rest of the grass. Next year I may get the 2-16 ton dumps of clay.


My old skate bro has informed me that the Rollins tickets are on the way, yea. I am so amped to see him. Such an icon for a no-b.s. frame of mind.


Food tip Friday:

Grilled BBQ Pineapple Ham

Those of you that like ham, this is it for you. This plate will be a mouthgasm once you wrap your pink lips around your fork and pull it out.

1-Hamsteak, (the bigger the better-1/2in thick and the size of a manhole cover if possible.)

1-Canned crushed pinapple 8oz can if avail.

1-Bbq sauce-Honey BBQ flavored and or smoked honey.

Put the burners on your grill to medium, no high heat! When up to temp, slap the ham on the grill. After 3 minutes of slow grilling, brush on the sauce. Grill for 5 more minutes. Flip and brush the ham again. Flip after 8 minutes. Now with the original side up, drain and spoon on the crushed pineapple onto the top of the steak. Grill for 8 more minutes or until the pineapple starts to turn a dark corn maze color.

Get the pool skimmer out to scoop it off the grill, cut into sections, pizza pie or squares. Serve up with a cold Yuengling Black and Tan or ABC Water Gap Wheat. Lata.




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George said...

I'm thinkin' about turning my old Raleigh 12 speed into a one gear wonder. What ratio do ya think an old geezer like me should run? I'm thinking 39/16? The 32/18 I run on my mtb SS seems to spin out almost immediately when I ride it on road.............

Cool R/C track.

..........boys and their toys:-)