Sunday, August 14, 2005

If the shoe fits...

Alrighty, not to blow my own horn but here is something that not many shops around us can offer the cycling community, custom innersoles for your cycling shoes. As many around me know, I have had knee problems the past few years. Saturday I had Mr. Icon assist me with making new innersoles for my Diadoras. This process makes a vacuum mold of your foot and through the technology of thermo fit inserts, allows you to pressure mold the fit you need within 30 minutes.

Along with the individual fit, additional corrections to the rider's needs can be made with various wedges for feet that pronate or supiate.(spelling on that?) In my case varous wedges on the inside heel area to align my lower leg. (I used to ride with my knees leaning in towards the top tube.) Stabilizing the foot as much as possible is key for a good pedal stroke. Having a high arch that is supported properly means having a comfortable foot. Not a foot that is constantly or unconsiously gripping its toes as the instep shifts foward. Too much arch support and the foot goes numb. The arch is a leaf spring that needs to flex a bit, absorb some shock.

This shot is looking down from the heel cup area. Look at that arch, you could park a Mac truck under it, ha! For some people standing on their arch on a foot bed like that feels like there is a bar of soap in the shoe. Realistically supporting the entire length of the foot, as much as possible, promotes positive circulation and a lot of nerve endings in this area, relief for other parts of the body.
Myself or Mr. Icon would be glad to set you up with a set of these. The Fitting and materials will run the rider about a $100.

Now I told you that story to tell you this one. I made it out Friday for a post work ride. I am not a huge fan of riding Fridays let alone after work with the increased weekend traffic...but like a fat sorority sister, I was glad to get some when I could.

This time I stretched for 15 minutes. Both leg regions twice and I'll be, no knee pain. That was the best feeling ride I have had in almost 4 years! Seriously. Now my fuel cell was a bit low because of shoveling dirt for 2 hours for the race track out back, not sticking to my daily OCD diet, lack of water in 90 deg heat with 90 percent humidity. But who cares. I ate 6 carrot sticks, 10oz of water, mixed up the mojo and off we went. River route minus Turkey Hill. Took Anchor road which is a nice roller and new pave to boot. Back towards Millersville Univ., Manor Middle school for a water break (at the top of the climb is the school, great tempo of a hill though).

Here is another boasting comparo for the Speciale Carbon. Think of this. Yea that's right. Comfort, performance, riviting I must say...ha! I hope this model will be around next season. Masi has a few cards up their sleeves for next year. Stop by in May to grab a test ride.

This Friday is the preview/unveiling of the 2006 Jamis Bicycle lineup. Super stoked to check that out. Pictures will follow next week, if they will let me snap any...



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George said...

Hey, I like that insole service......... Can one set be used in different shoes?

Good stuff :-)