Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Forced induction.

What kind of thoughts do those two words create?

Muscle cars: a blower sitting atop of a 4 barrel carb?
Import cars: Oversized ball bearing driven turbo charger plumbed into an Integra B18 lump?
Domestic cars: GMC Cyclone pickup truck circa 1991?
Hmmm, close but naaa...However I did admire a yank tank like that could run with a Ferrari.

How about me on my commute to the bike shop, stuck behind a concrete mixer through town as it spewed out black smoke from it's exhaust. I should have jumped by but that wouldn't paint cyclist in a good light for Mr. truckdriver and besides, parked cars make for bad hay bales if I should go down attempting just that.

The footbeds felt really good as expected. My feet felt like there weren't any tight spots throughout the shoe. Like even pressure all over and under my feet. Dancing on the pedals as Phil would say.


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