Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dirt machine

Here is a bike to go on you wish list. I have had the range of 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 come through the shop and all of them are fine, fine weapons for the trails.

Message for the day: Nothing repairs worn out bike parts like a new bike.

Got to work on a Carbon Carrera Karma today. Strung some Ergo cables onto it's Record bits, aahhh, shifts like a dream! It's amazing the amount of carbon bikes that I have worked on this summer...Carbon is the Ti of the 21st century. Remember in the 90's how everyone grooved for a Lightspeed, Dean, Moots or a Serrotta. Serrotta are still in the 40+ year old fan base. Generations all have their favorite bikes/metals. What is after Carbon? Pricing next season is supposed to jump due the Aerospace Ind. increasing it's demand of the black weave. Some nude frames look like poop. The carbon that you see lots of times is a cosmetic layup. It still has something to do with the functionality of the full carbon frame but you pay for what you get and fully painted carbon frames are just hiding what the manufacturing process is trying to avoid. Or at least by leaving a process out of the build and still charge you for one that has a nicer cosmetic top layer.
The Trek Pilot is carbon, yea....but come on, full 105 and a Dura-Ace rear derailleur, bunk! And not to mention a 72.5 deg head tube on a 56 cm frame. That must steer like a downhill bike. Comfort doesn't have to mean lathargic. Have you ever tried to get those little vibration cancelling dongers into the end of a road bar that is wrapped. Huh, placebo, if your hands hurt get some gel gloves or a bike that some fitted to you not by having you stand over and yank up on the bars until it hits your sac...

This weekend is the Covered Bridge Metric Century. Here we go, getting the Masi crew together from the shop. Pics and coverage later next week.


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