Monday, August 22, 2005

Corn fields, 100k and peanut butter.

This weekend was the Lancaster Covered Bridge Metric Centry. Beautiful weather! 3000 people on the course. I think we passed more than half that, seems like it.

Food preparation the night before...a big plate of fetticini (sp?) calimari with red sauce of course, bread and salad. Morning of; a big bowl of Kashi with vanilla soy milk, 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with peanut butter, 2 cups of morning blend and a glass of water. Fuel cell is now topped off and ready to roll for a social ride.

The four of us payed our entry and headed out onto the course. The begining was a bit sketch because of the families we had to pass. 2 lanes of traffic with moms, dads and kids swervin' everywhere. Thing of someone spilling a bucket of ping pong balls...yea that.

The route was lacking some shade like 85% of the time. 90 deg with 60% humidity perhaps? A nice size food stop at the half way point.

I spun with a guy named Mike for a while. He was from the DC (not drunkcyclist) area and on a Bianchi fixie. Team Shiftless, digging that. 51 years old, topping out on it at 27mph, damn. I was glad to see the amount of Bianchis that day. They had to be the 4th largest represented on the route next to the Kool Aid big 3...

My new innersoles were great again. A bit of knee pain but highly tollerable. With 2 miles to go, some guy and I steam trained it back to Greenfield, not that I was trying to shake him but I like to finish hard. He thanked for the good pull as did I for the push. 63 miles in about 3 hrs 45min.

I suck because of leaving the camera at home, forgot it, really guys... 3 Masis and a Lemond. Free food at the end from Turkey Hill Foods. Sat by the creek eating a PB&J with Mr. Icon reflecting the day's ride and contemplating next bike season's plan of attack for the shop.

Check it out. Freestyle moto course? Nah, my backyard r/c track in the making. Here is a set of doubles. The take off is shaped like a booter. It throws you up and the landing ramp is tappered downward. Easy landing to stomp.

Here is a hip jump at turn 3. In the background is a well shaped set of doubles. The foundation of the jumps were constructed of 2ft long logs that were left over from my earlier tree removal. You'll use less dirt and have a solid foundation to start with.

A triple set before the last turn. I can clear them with the Revo but landing is sketch at best. I prefer rolling the first and boosting the double. The dirt in the bottom left was then distributed around the lands for a foundation. Next spring I will put a load of clay down and widen the outside border another 3ft.



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