Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Cake, punch and a dirt pile.

This weekend we had a bday party for my son, the big 0-3 or well... just 3. To make this party interesting my wife and I decided on a construction theme. Not Bob the Builder. That would be too much a commercial sell out. Everything else construction related. Party favors for all the kids, bucket, shovel, hardhat, sticker sheet with tools and fun on the dirt pile. I had a truck load of dirt dumped in the back yard. Aside from the pile not being as large as expected (dirt settles during shipment?) it provided a good site for the kids to run over, dig with trucks, excavators, etc. Mostly boys at the party. Some old bi-fold doors propped against saw horses with paint brushes for everyone to paint with. At the end of the day I broke out the Revo for some air time. The boys chased the truck around the yard like the pied pipper, every kid slept well that night.



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George said...

Very cool.