Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bikes, bats and bands

Oh man, here we go. Sept. 16 my man is coming to Baltimore's Sonar theater, Rollins and his spoken words tour. If you ever have a chance to pick up some of his work, do it. My last one is 'Think Tank'. It's pretty intense to hear a music icon talk about life, politics, society, friends and fettishes. Some people may call it stand up, I call it engrossing. His take on 'Airports' on Think Tank is so dead on regarding that end of travel. I make sure that 2 cd set is in my mp3 player whenever I travel the friendly skys.

What a shame about Raphael Palmeiro. It's spooky, my intuition that I have. Last night I was watching the O's play the Sox and Palmero was up to bat. No lie, I had the thought enter my head...I am glad he is back with the O's, raise the moral, been around and not in any scandles. Whoops, spoke to soon.

Getting a load of dirt in the backyard for this weekend. My son is turning 3 and we are having a construction theme for the kids. Dirt pile, shovels, burried toys as prizes, good clean fun. After the party the dirt will lay foundation for the soon-to-be r/c track. I will need 2-16ton loads of clay to go on top. That should cover the base and the jumps for the track. Pictures to follow as events unfold.

I had a guy with a Trek 5500 (5yr old bike) bring it in for a creaking problem. Stress cracks are developing around the bottom bracket area; paint is cracking. I would like to see the testing difference of OCLV carbon frame vs. High Modulous Carbon Fiber. I can't see how cabon fiber has a longer shelf life than a good aluminum/carbon or steel/carbon rear when subjected to the county's fine quality roads. He does have 15k miles on it, may be time for a new stead.



George said...

You are a COOL DAD !!!!

You are gonna have a lot of mad mommies after your party-I am sure the kids will love it though:-)

The only thing that scares me about CF is the way it fails. Usually doesn't give you much of a warning.

Then again the aluminum handlebars a broke in half a couple months ago didn't give me any warning either.............

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Cool dad is right... damn! Now I can't claim it was my own idea if I ever use it.