Sunday, August 28, 2005

2006 Jamis Bikes preview

I can't say too much about the new Jamis Bikes 2006 lineup other than....DAMN! Seriously, there is more to say than that but I will keep the descripts brief and let your curiosity run as you look at the pics.

My rep is a great guy. He works his arse off, holds a preview show for his accounts, gives us food and beer...hmmm beeer. As most companies will experience and have to explain to their dealers, prices are going up. The rising cost of materials, oil, fuel, etc. The good thing is that even with the price increase, the Jamis bikes are STILL well equiped, look super tight, and haven't been down spec'd. Unfortunatly one of my fav road companies in the shop is hiking their prices AND de-specing their bikes as far as frame materials are concerned. I dunno, maybe it's that what they sold in 2005 didn't make them enough dough so next year is catch up time...? Sad indeed.

Let the show go on.

This is the Coda Supreme. Man is it ever! Reynolds 853 tubing, carbon top tube, seat tube and brake stay. Coda geometry with the Eclipse tubing. Full 105 ten speed, Truvativ crank, easton ea70 fork and stem, new Mavic Aksium hoops. Killer rig for 1700 bills. A lot of comfort and you wont get jack hammered like a 6/13.

XLT 2.0. This trail bike continues to be the most lusted after bike on the Jamis website. They tell us that through site traking, the highest viewed web page is for the 2.0. The second is the dealer search page. Shown here in Ano.Green with specing close to last seasons. New on the frame is an extruded and machined bottom bracket yoke assembly that stiffens the bottom bracket area and prevents the area from becoming brittle during the welding process.

Here is one of my top bikes to ride. The Komodo 2.0. Dirt jump, aggro trail cockpit. I like to call this color Ano. Rootbeer. There will be a 1.0-3.0 Komodo ranging from cable disc to hydraulic disc with 20 mm through axle. Don't let the frame size fool ya, it's still tough to manual this bike, the stays should be 5mm shorter... still a rocking ride, the customers at our demo last month had a ball on it.

This is one for my buddy Phil. He is the king of platform pedal, 2x4 ladder riding. The new Diablo is a sign of Jamis' dedication to the bike genre of black diamond riding. Thank goodness they didn't bring it back as the weeny XC mono carbon frame. I am sure this frame will give other rigs in this catagory a run for their money. MRP chain guide, long travel single crown fork, ti spring shock...take this to Diablo Park in Jersey and get your ride on.

Xenith Comp. If you can get your hands on one of these bikes, your lucky. Availability is slight. It's worth the wait. Here is the 105 ten speed equiped version. Yea that's right 10 speed on 105 next year. Riders that have been on this bike claim it blow the Cdale 6/13 and Synapse out of the water. Retail should be a tick about two grand with Mavic Aksium hoops.

I saw this and just about started to dry hump it...the bars that is. Single speed bike require a lot of standing and pedal mashing so you are always grinding the bars...right?...well... The Sputnik, fixie, commuter, messenger with a flip flop hub. I think I found my commuter for next year. One sexy bitch in black. That's fine by me. There is a ss moutain bike too, the Exile SS.

The woman's Quest. Shorter top tube, stem, handlebar width, oh yea. Reynolds 631 steel for all day in the saddle comfort. I do mean comfort. Riding the metric centry last weekend and seeing all of those sub-5 foot 6 women riding Trek and Cannondales. Small aluminum frames like 44s and 50s. Man their arses were getting jackhammered by the short, non compliant tubing of their bikes. Why? Well it's just the Kool-Aid that some choose to drink I guess. Your ship has come in ladies and it's blue and white!

I hope you enjoyed the pics. Feel free to email any question about the bikes. Their mtb line of XC 1-3.0 are still around, Nova cyclocross, Durango 1-3.0 still going. Email me soon if you want to reserve one for '06



George said...

I'm like a junkie when I like at those pics.......

I think I was droolin'.

Jamisbikes said...

Yeah the 2006 jamis lineup is sick. i witnessed these bikes at the Montreal show and there has been some drastic change in the components selection as well. They are really worth checking out this year.

P.S. You can't miss the new diablo's either :D