Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Would I steer you wrong?

Ok, I guess my back isn't really as bad it could have been. Case and point. My shop icon, was out for a group ride on Sunday. While rolling down the road a rider in front of him had his wheels yanked out from under him. Layed the bike down into a slide, (reason #1 to shave your legs)the slide was avoidable from Mr. Icon but the guy's bike that dumped to the left side and was sliding decided to kick out hard to the right in front of Mr. Icon's new 2 week old Masi Gran Corsa Premio. Into the bike he went. Head and left shoulder down, handlebar into the downed rider's front wheel (possible shop work?), and the icing on the cake... left rib cage to smith grind on the 52 tooth ring. I dig some body modifications but this is one that will have the freaks scratching their heads. Mr. Icon is healing well with a raspberry on the left elbow and teeth marks on the rib cage. The other guy seems cool too, body alright, wheel alright, don't ride with your hands off the hoods while drafting folks...

How many people can get affected by the Masi bicycle virus? Apparently all of those whom come in contact with the source via butt cheak/seat relations. Some symptons start by casual visual contact with a URL or periodical. It spreads through the optic nerve or derma layer and attacks the left lobe of the brain and usually the ventricals of the heart. Gluteous contact may instigate rapid heart rate or increased cadence followed by an extraction of plastic from the host's wallet. One of my mechanics has fallen pray to this virus and ordered a 51cm dose of Vincere Premio to reduce the swelling of his optic nerve. Another is waiting for a Gran Criterium. Myself, a soon to be Speciale Carbon for knee rehab. Ha, corny huh but I like it?!

The knee appt went well today. I like it when a doctor that is supposed to check out my knee asks my right off the bat, what kind of pedals I am using. Now were heading in the right direction. Besides being impressed that I can touch my fist to the floor while touching my toes, he sheduled the MRI to shed more light on what is going on with knee. Seriously he said part of the prob is that I am just getting older, what? Nice sence of humor doc!

Go check out the latest album from The Bravery. I heard them for the first time last winter at a snowboard competition. They have a good new pop_Joy Division_rock vibe going. Stuff that an Ipod commercial is made of, not that I have one. I can't tell if that is because of my dis-love for Apple computers, stemming back to computer class in the 80's when writing BASIC programming lessons...?

Looks like I won't get a ride in until Saturday, yukky weather mid week. Gone til tomorrow.


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George said...

You can touch your fists to the ground?

Man, that's just not right!

Wait until you are 45 and see if you can still do it.

I can *barely* do my fingertips:-)