Tuesday, July 19, 2005

What's my back say?

Put the finishing touches on the Masi Speciale Carbon today. I am really impressed with the build quality of the frame. The funny thing with 'Made in Italy' is that I have a frame for sale, in stock, that has the same Black Box rear end, Dedach 16.5 tubing only it's 100% made in Italy for the retail of what this complete Masi comes in at. Man you really have to want that Made in Italy. The ride has to be the same when equally equiped. Although I have reserved a Campy Record/Zipp with 303's should the time come for a complete build. I took it for a quick spin around the neighborhood outback. Unfortunately it just finished raining so the ride was soft. Pedaling the bike gave the sensation of floating low over the ground. More to come soon.

Just a reminder, 4 more days for the Jamis Demo. Email for details.

You need this for your commute to your fabulous job...

Man is the tour over yet. Not that I want it to end, rather just to get the hype over with regarding Lance and Lucky 7. I am starting to think that he pulled his arse back into the Tour via nudge from Trek and cashing in. I have about given up asking people in my County what bike they ride, it's the same friggen answer... I am enjoying the other areas of the GC. The talent of Basso, Ulrich, Landis, Levi, Rass, is turning into the starting lineup for the Yankees. Power talent without any one thing to standout during their chase to the leaders. Comeone Landis, say fudge and jump out. Ulrich won't chase or at least catch you as long as you aren't descending. His is still trying to get on top of his gears. Ivan has what it take for next year once Lance is gone. Just not the lactic threshold for this year against Armstrong.
Good job Cadel Evans for today' stage.

Did you think about your third grade teacher the other day?

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