Sunday, July 17, 2005

Way to go Geo!

That's what I call some good racing the past 2 days. I am stoked that Hincapie took the stage today. Super deserving on that victory. 6'3" at 175 lbs. Builds up his forearms on his workout routine to help ride the Pairs-Roubaix. Works crowd control for Lance during the Tour. I got to see him race in Lancaster too, digging that.

Notable action-Landis and Levi seem to get along well in the peloton. Riding/working together yesterday on the climbs. I would like to play armchair qback; Jan my man.....SHIFT ONE GEAR LOWER ON THE REAR. That gear mashing of yours is what gets you dropped like a stone off the back. Today was blazing hot, melting tarmac and I noticed on the last climb-HC rated; Landis handed his bottle to Levi to dowse his neck. That leads me to saying if you are on a group ride and getting ready to chow a bar down, offer the mate next to you a piece. He'll probably say thanks anyway but the gesture gets a warm buzz going. At least to those with a spine.

How can technology bite us in the butt when it should be helping us? Let's take something we take for granded, shifting or the parts that execute that action. I am a large supporter of Campy drivetrains. The group is tight. Not tight like the fat chick at the mall on a Friday wearing lowrise pants saying 'Juicy' on the rear...but tight like when you shift, it's authoritative. Shifting Shimano and Campy is the difference between shifting a rod actuated shifter in a car and a cable actuated. One is getting the job done but the engagement is kind of vague. The other feels more connected. Very mechanical but not like, BAM, I just broke something. Every hear an F1 car shift? Sounds like a truck hitting a concrete barrier at 60 but damn that gear change was fast and in. The sad part of Campy is that riders with paws that size of mine can rap them better around Shimano hoods than the small 'decks' that Campy provides. Campy sports a 3 year warranty and made in Italy quality that is hard to beat. Ultegra and Dura-Ace are better than ever before but their siblings for dirt....XTR and XT, well that could be a whole other day. I have been having this conversation with my commrades for sometime in the shop and here Mountainbike Action prints an editoral this month asking Industry Product Managers their opinion on Shimano VS. SRAM. Man I need their job.

Campy bought the Erogo lever design from SACHS awhile ago. SACHS, who made dynomite bicycle chains was bought out by SRAM, now SRAM chains. They still rock on Shimano. SRAM owns Truvativ and Avid...SACHS potential for control levers.... do you smell a new groupo for the road brewing? Ha, hell yea, bring it on cause the SRAM mtb stink is better than Shimano on their XT level on up! I would love to see SRAM smack Shimano down a notch with a road groupo. Shimano admits that their fishing division is priority number one over their bicycle div. I've ridden a 400 dollar hardtail with SRAM X7 that shifts better than my full XT hardtail, get that right! What to call that groupo to go against Shimano? SRAM Cenntinal? SRAM R.0, R.1-5?

Hats off to everyone that rode the MS150 this weekend. Mucky humid weather. Mr. Icon and T5s seem to have a good day today. Lot's of riders oogling over the candy they had on display at the tech tent. Bianchi San Mateo and Veloce, Masi Gran Crit and Viner Mono Carbon. I still want to see Bianchi do an Ultegra/aluminum frame rig. The market is there at $1800, keep it easy guys. Next year's Bianchi frames should be wicked as they are hiring the Renault F1 designers to help out. Sorry to get off on a tangent, ADD kicking in, lol.

Already caught word of one of my lines having a 30% price hike on their carbon road bikes, ouch! Damn aerospace industry contracts picking up.

Have a safe week and think about your third grade teacher too.


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George said...


All my bikes have Shimano stuff................. except for my SS. ..........Actually the SS has a Shimano BMX freewheel thingie so that's a lie.

I saw George winning on the CBS recap show.

I'd kill for OLN.

I really miss watching the WRC.............