Saturday, July 09, 2005

Stage 8 TDF by a hair.

WHOA, Weening taking the stage by a hair. I would have bet that for how much upper body rocking he was exhibiting, he wouldn't have taken Stage 8. Right on for Cadel Evans for 7th place in the points after today. Ex-mountainbiker turned road warrior. Speaking of, Ryder Hesjedal stepped up his career by helping Lance on the Discovery team this year. That Trek/Gary Fisher hook up helped there. Him and Hincape with the 6 foot plus frames, large guys representing on wheels. T-Moble definitly launched a good attack near the end of the race but the last climb looked like a bucket of ping pong balls were spilled on the road with all of the jockeying going on.
Here is a couple of shots of our carbon candy in the shop.


Don't fall on that number 52 ring. Cran Corsa Premion rider, Mr. Icon....

Go ride tomorrow, you need it.



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