Monday, July 18, 2005

Read every detail!

It pays to read everything when setting out to accomplish something. Here is my humerous case. My new Masi showed up today, yea! A 2005 Special Carbon - 60cm to fit under my 38.5 inch inseam. I luv steel and how is feels on the road. Alum is lighter and stiffer but comfort is gaining on my performance requirements. Pic and road test coming soon...
To indulge in my bike build, I aquired something I like to call a slice of heaven, Marshmallow Moon Pie (yellow-ish in color) I intended consuming this morsal while making sweet love to the bike on the stand, sorry t.m.i. With the bike on the stand I admire the 110bcd compact carbon crankset, Dedach tubing, classic logos and Dedach BlackBox rear end and....UGH 105 brakes! How did I miss that one? That explains for the lower cost than that Gran Crit to some degree. I ran to the catalog to check the stats and sure enough that wasn't a miss spec. Damn. As the build continues I break open the Moonpie only to discover that I bought Banana flavored not Vanilla. Ugh, should have read the package. I have have the bars to rap and fit my stem and seat rail. More later.

Thought of the week...S.U.V.s have proportionally gained popularity as 60% of America has become over weight.
Tip: drink more water, ride more miles. X-)

After two cups of my morning brew, I feel like singing.


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