Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Punk ain't dead.

Good show Sunday night at the Rechert Theather. GBH came to town and brought the walls down. After all these years they can still slam through a set like a sinderblock into a window in downtown L.A. during the riots. Time bomb, Sick Boy, Maniac and Alcohol were some of the classics they tore into. I haven't seen that many liberty spikes and mohawks since high school. Needless to say my hair is no where to be found so I couldn't break out the Elmers to stand it up. My old high school friend that I ran into at a bday party last month, got the tickets for us. 17 dollars was easy, the sound gear at Recher is good for how small of a venue is. I highly recomend seeing a show there. The Godawfuls opened for GBH. They played a good set as well...

For those of the riding sorts, July 24th 10a-2pm. Bring your riding shoes and pedals for a Jamis bike demo at Lake Redman's main boat launch. Road and mtb for the riding kinds. See you there.

Had a little fun this weekend with the chainsaw,
the saw is family....haha. 4 trees hitting the ground and chopped up. One step closer to getting the track in the backyard.

Do you want to go fast? 303's-see bee-low. Later.



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