Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Masi details are here.

Well guys and gals, here is the new trust stead. 2005 Masi Speciale Carbon, 60cm. Yes that is the correct height for the seat to be, not just to clamp it in the Park Tool stand, ha! Shown here with Easton Circuit hoops. They spool up nice and quick. I swapped in some red Hutch Fusion rubber too. My schedule has been a little nut at the moment and my riding of it has been limited to just the shop and coul-de-sac at home. This weekend may be it's Iron Maiden voyage. Did I tell you how much I like steel? As my last bicycle was full 853 at 62cm traditional geometry. Comfy ride but noodly on the climbs. This frame set up should remedy that problem.

In keeping with old world style, Masi used steel, duh. And look at the water bottle boss on the left middle side of this pic. Star boss, nice touch. The welds look great as does the union of the carbon rear to the steel 16.5 front end. External bearings at the bb. Yea Shimano did it first but ISIS does them bigger!

I know that I will need the compact (110 bcd) drive, not getting any younger you know. I would have liked to see a 180 crank on a frame of this size but that size is only reserved for mostly ss bicycles. It would at least lower my cg for cornering. The machining quality of the rings are top notch too. Shifts are tight and quick and any time I can not use Shimano fr drive, I am all for it!




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