Wednesday, July 13, 2005

It's just a bicycle...

Glad to see Landis hung on in the end with Lance, Basso, Evans and Vinokourv. An old riding bud Davey used to hang on Landis' wheel when he race mtb. I often wonder if he could have been another Landis-type guy. Landis from Lancaster, Pa and Davey from York County.

I scored one of these beauts for a co-worker in the ski shop. Leftover 2004 Jamis XLT 3.0 15" frame.


Some things in life really hit hard at your heart. A guy about ten years younger than me and works with me in the shop in the winter, was diag'd last month with testicular cancer. His dad stopped in the shop this week to stock up on bicycle supplies. Reason, to ride more, get in shape in the name of his son. Those that ride, know the story of Lance and his cancer fight. My guy has been told he has a 98% chance of full recovery. I talked with him last month. He seemed figity and wanted to talk to the owner of the shop. I asked him how his new job is going and he seemed to dance around the topic, shook my hand and left with a smile. I had no clue. Enjoy everyday folks, kiss the wife and kids everytime you leave the house, don't be afraid of wilting your manhood by hugging that bro after a handshake, that you haven't seen in a long time. Having children solidifies life and my 2 have made mine even better. Do what you can to participate in charity rides like the MS150, Tour de Cure or a Cure for Cancer event.


I will add this to my wish list. You could get some wicked snowboard footage with that.


Old school video gamers should check this free download from my bud's website. I never get tired of this action.



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George said...

Cool game and *AMEN* on taking the time to spend with friends and stopping to smell the flowers.

Life is too short to waste any :-)